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Your Industrial Equipment,
made smarter by the Cloud

If your industrial equipment could talk to you, what would it say?

Phone with raised analytics

Machinery equipped with BioHiTech IoT™ would say a lot.

BioHiTech IoT™ leverages proven technology already installed in hundreds of our digesters around world. With our cloud-based data platform we translate industrial machine language into human language to provide valuable data and information to improve performance of your businesses.


Powerful Analytics

Custom dashboards and easy-to-read reports deliver important insights on equipment equipment utilization, supply chain management, and business impact. Sophisticated machine learning and predictive analytics can reveal hidden trends to help optimize performance. Finally, integration with external enterprise data enables powerful comparison and benchmarking.

Intelligent Two-Way Communication

Real-time SMS, Email, and Push Notifications ensure that important information is pushed to the right people at the right time. Utilizing chatbots, BioHiTech IOT provides a more natural conversational interface to industrial equipment, allowing management and machine operators to be easily guided through complex workflows.


The platform can store and analyze large volumes of key data from a large number of interconnected industrial machines and peripherals.

Simple Hardware Integration

Our hardware comes pre-installed in our equipment and can easily be installed in other machinery to create an interconnected network that can securely capture and analyze a wide array of machine data.


Robust security measures ensure that all data is reliablly captured and securely delivered to the cloud. Flexible roles-based security allows fine-grained control over data access and machine control.

Data Anywhere, Anytime

Access equipment remotely from any smart phone or computer. Securely monitor, configure, and operate equipment in real-time. Role-based security ensures only authorized personnel gain access to machine functions.

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